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Entry #1


2009-06-21 16:14:41 by Frinniekins

So glad NG finally has an art section...Check out my drawings!



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2009-06-21 16:23:06

mee teww<33


2009-06-21 16:35:55


Frinniekins responds:

Meoowwww<3 *liks paws*


2009-06-21 21:38:01


Frinniekins responds:



2009-06-25 21:34:21

So when you and my boy BN getting married. You KNOW Mr. BIG BAD LEJ will be there. I love BN thats my boy hes like the EMINEM OF NG. Everyone is upset because of me but they love that boy no matter what XD

(Updated ) Frinniekins responds:

Expect the wedding once I turn 18


2009-07-08 01:14:16

your drawings are decent, too bad you're def as shit,

Frinniekins responds:

Where did you come from random ugly dude?


2009-07-08 16:25:31

hahaha, retard

(Updated ) Frinniekins responds:

Loser... randomly coming on my page to call me a retard. Wow ppl these days... they have no lives. *smh*


2009-07-18 21:07:24

i was excited when i found out the art portal was here and i could submit something to the portal for once :D
But then i realized that i cant draw for crap D:

Frinniekins responds:

lol! hahahaha :P


2009-07-18 21:17:18

i hope that wasnt making fun of me :'(

Frinniekins responds:

I think it was! Which is why I laughed.


2009-07-18 21:37:54

btw, i think your art might be better with some colour :D

(Updated ) Frinniekins responds:

Once I buy some tools I'll come out with some colorful rainbow shit
I used to graphic design when I was 13-14:
but then my graphire tablet became old and out-dated for my new laptop, it doesnt work anymore.
The drawings on Ng don't even show what I am capable of, man